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A commitment to provide quality education in the teaching field

BLDEA established a College of Education in 1980. At the time of its inception, it was affiliated with Karnataka University, Dharwad. The college was the brainchild of Shri B M Patil, the then General Secretary of the BLDE Association. He was a farsighted visionary who recognized the need to provide quality education in the teaching field. Prof. N G Karur, the founder Principal of the institute, laid a strong foundation with a missionary zeal to develop the best teacher education institution in Karnataka.


BLDEA - A legacy spanning more than a century

Using educaion as a tool to bring social and economic transformation

BLDEA (Bijapur Lingayat Education Association) is a leading education organization in the North Karnataka region. It has a legacy of more than 100 years and 75 education institutions under its banner, which comprise professional institutes, colleges of humanities and social sciences, public schools and research institutes.

Dr. Pha. Ghu. Halakatti

Shri Bantanal Swamiji

Dr. B. M. Patil

Dr. M. B. Patil

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